Когда «смеются» русские Искандеры

На заглавной картинке — Украина, город Харьков (1,5 млн. жителей), 28.02.2022

На протяжении последних лет мы были компанией людей, увлеченных музыкой Боуи, которая с легкостью преодолевала межконтинентальные и языковые барьеры. Благодарю каждого, кто когда-либо донатил для блога. Я всегда старалсь выбирать для вас самые интересные материалы и поддерживать свой контент на высоком интеллектуальном уровне.

Сегодня в Украине идет война. То, что творят по приказу Путина рашистские «освободители» на моей земле, является геноцидом украинского народа. Кроме прилетов крылатых ракет, авиабомб, случаев расстрела мирных жителей, которые на машинах пытались выехать из зоны боевых действий, шли по улице в аптеку или магазин, вчера мы стали свидетелями, так называемого, неизбирательного огня — обстрела жилых массивов в Харькове и Чернигове ракетными установками крупного калибра. Я не смогу описать это словами, в сети уже достаточно видеоматерилов.

В ближайшее время новых постов в блоге не будет. Но и потом, если получится все это пережить, сомневаюсь, что мне захочется говорить и писать на русском языке — на языке неофашистов и оккупантов.

Однажды (надеюсь, не в концлагере) я буду вспоминать, что в ночь, когда началась война, я испекла обалденно вкусные булочки с кремом. Это было в прошлый четверг, но кажется, с момента первых взрывов прошли годы.

Ukraine’s Foreign Legion: Soldiers Speak Of Historic Fight For Democracy

Soldiers from around the world join Ukraine’s foreign legion to help with «the most important conflict in the last 50 years,» as one American volunteer said. Experienced Western soldiers are impressed with what their Ukrainian counterparts have done but say they want to achieve NATO-level standards.

Mercenary pilot from Wagner PMC is downed by Ukrainian defenders

The ruscist flew first combat sortie on June 14, and already on the 17th he was taken prisoner. Now he is telling the SSU how he dropped bombs on Ukraine. He tries to justify himself and says that it was only a matter of ‘striking at strongholds, sites with concentration of enemy forces and manpower.’ However, when he saw the results of russia’s strikes on Ukrainian settlements on the video, the occupier’s self-confidence waned and he ‘suddenly’ realized that this was ‘not the right war, not a necessary war.’ The pilot flew 1-2 combat sorties a day. He admits that, apart from him, there are other mercenaries, not russian army pilots, who fly russian fighter jets worth over USD 10 mln. Mercenaries receive a wage of RUB 200,000 a month and additional bonuses for quantity and ‘effectiveness’ of sorties. The main purpose of stay in Ukraine, according to the pilot, was ‘assisting the republics of Donbas’, while his combat sorties were ‘specific tasks.’ Well, now he will tell the SSU Military Counterintelligence in detail about those ‘specific tasks.’

Exclusive RSF investigation into the death of Maks Levin

Following a visit to Ukraine from 24 May to 3 June to investigate Ukrainian photo-journalist Maks Levin’s death, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is releasing a report with information and evidence indicating that Levin and his friend and bodyguard were executed by Russian soldiers in a forest near Kyiv on 13 March, possibly after being interrogated and even tortured.

Источник: Exclusive RSF investigation into the death of Maks Levin: “Information and evidence collected indicates this Ukrainian journalist was executed.” | RSF

Russia Has a Plan for Ukraine. It Looks Like Chechnya

Putin’s template is simple: flatten cities, install satraps, rule by fear.

The constant boom of artillery in the near distance is the defining feature of life in the Donbas today. As Russia presses its offensive to take the eastern part of Ukraine, the signs of conflict are everywhere: buildings smashed to ruins by cruise missiles, Ukrainian tanks and howitzers on the highway headed east. The Donbas region, encompassed by a front stretching hundreds of miles and currently the scene of the most extensive fighting in Europe since World War II, is in total war mode…

Источник: Russia Has a Plan for Ukraine. It Looks Like Chechnya. — The Atlantic

Farewell to Roman Ratushny

On June 18, in the center of Kyiv, a farewell ceremony was held for Roman Ratushny, who died in the battle near Izium. At 10:00 a funeral service was held in St. Michael’s Cathedral, and at 12:00 — farewell on Independence Square. Roman was later buried in Baykovo Cemetery.

Opinion | Roman Ratushny’s death reminds Ukrainians that the war is taking their best — The Washington Post

Roman Ratushny died on June 9 in the battle of Izium, less than a month before his 25th birthday. From the first day of the full-scale Russian invasion, he joined the defense of Ukraine. At first he took part in the battles near Kyiv, and then as part of the 93rd Brigade «Cold Yar» he liberated Trostyanets, fought in the Sumy region and near Izyum. Roman served in the reconnaissance of the 2nd Motorized Infantry Battalion.

He was one of the students beaten on the Maidan by security forces in 2013.

Meet the Irregular Troops Backing up Russia’s Army in the Kharkiv Region — bellingcat

Behind the lines in Ukraine’s Kharkiv Region, a motley group of Donbas militants and mercenaries is plugging the gap — and they’re not ashamed to brag about it.

Источник: Meet the Irregular Troops Backing up Russia’s Army in the Kharkiv Region — bellingcat

Comment le Français Adrien Bocquet «blanchit» les crimes russes à Boutcha

L’une des émissions de la station de radio française Sud Radio du 10 mai était consacrée à l’Ukraine. Pendant une heure, l’invité en studio, Adrien Bocquet, a expliqué aux présentateurs André Berkoff et Augustin Moriaux que les crimes de Boutcha n’étaient pas l’œuvre des occupants russes, mais «les

Источник: Comment le Français Adrien Bocquet « blanchit » les crimes russes à Boutcha | StopFake