Когда “смеются” русские Искандеры

На заглавной картинке – Украина, город Харьков (1,5 млн. жителей), 28.02.2022

На протяжении последних лет мы были компанией людей, увлеченных музыкой Боуи, которая с легкостью преодолевала межконтинентальные и языковые барьеры. Благодарю каждого, кто когда-либо донатил для блога. Я всегда старалсь выбирать для вас самые интересные материалы и поддерживать свой контент на высоком интеллектуальном уровне.

Сегодня в Украине идет война. То, что творят по приказу Путина рашистские “освободители” на моей земле, является геноцидом украинского народа. Кроме прилетов крылатых ракет, авиабомб, случаев расстрела мирных жителей, которые на машинах пытались выехать из зоны боевых действий, шли по улице в аптеку или магазин, вчера мы стали свидетелями, так называемого, неизбирательного огня – обстрела жилых массивов в Харькове и Чернигове ракетными установками крупного калибра. Я не смогу описать это словами, в сети уже достаточно видеоматерилов.

В ближайшее время новых постов в блоге не будет. Но и потом, если получится все это пережить, сомневаюсь, что мне захочется говорить и писать на русском языке – на языке неофашистов и оккупантов.

Однажды (надеюсь, не в концлагере) я буду вспоминать, что в ночь, когда началась война, я испекла обалденно вкусные булочки с кремом. Это было в прошлый четверг, но кажется, с момента первых взрывов прошли годы.

Project Ukraine (historical animation videos, playlist)

Kings and Generals is proud to announce that we partnered with many other historical channels to create the Project Ukraine and we are grateful for their kind participation. Project Ukraine is playlist dedicated to telling the past of the Ukrainian people to aid them in the present. Your likes, shares and donations to the charity we are collaborating with will have a direct impact in aiding the most vulnerable citizens of Ukraine. We have partnered up with the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Centre in Kyiv, which was bombed by the Russian troops at the start of the invasion. Today, the foundation has transformed its projects, refocusing its resources and efforts on purchasing and delivering humanitarian aid to civilians, and evacuating people from combat zones. In the first week of April, the centre provided over 7000 food baskets to patients and doctors at Kyiv hospitals, to bomb shelters in the Kyiv underground, as well as to people with disabilities and elderly people who cannot leave their homes. They also provided targeted assistance to 3354 people, delivering specific medications, food and hygiene products on individual requests. All advertisement income from this video will be sent to the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Centre and we hope that our viewers will consider donating to this noble cause and help with the humanitarian situation in Ukraine.

Preparing for the Final Collapse of the Soviet Union

The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the resignation of Mikhail Gorbachev as president of the Soviet Union in 1991 marked the start of the USSR’s collapse—but not the collapse itself. While the USSR ceased to exist as a legal entity after 1991, the collapse of the USSR is still happening today. The two Chechen Wars, Russia’s invasion of Georgia in 2008, Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, the on-and-off border skirmishes between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, and the 2020 Second Karabakh War between Armenia and Azerbaijan are just a few examples showing that the Soviet Union is still collapsing today.

However, future historians will likely describe Russia’s February 2022 invasion of Ukraine as the most consequential moment, if not the final moment, of the Soviet Union’s collapse. When the war in Ukraine will end is unknown, but it will likely mark the dissolution of the Russian Federation (the legal successor of the Soviet Union) as it is known today. Russia has undeniably suffered a major blow to its economy, devastation to its military capability, and degradation of its influence in regions where it once had clout. The borders of the Russian Federation will likely not look the same on a map in 10 or 20 years as they do now. As the final collapse of the Soviet Union plays out and as the Russian Federation faces the possibility of dissolving, policymakers need to start planning for the new geopolitical reality on the Eurasian landmass.

The goal of this policy memo is not to advocate for regime change in Russia—this will be a matter for the Russian people. Nor does this paper predict exactly how Russia and the broader Eurasian region will emerge after the final collapse of the Soviet Union and the dissolution of the Russian Federation. Instead, it establishes realistic goals for Western policymakers, outlines assumptions on which these goals are based, and highlights the questions that decision-makers should ask now to better prepare for the future.

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I Am Iman (promo CD, 2001)

On December 19 2001 The ”I AM IMAN” Book and CD Bundle Published. This Limited Edition Book and CD Bundle brings together two unique items: an autographed copy of Iman’s new book ‘I AM IMAN’ and the ‘I AM IMAN’ Promotional CD autographed by DAVID BOWIE.
The promotional CD includes 5 Bowie tracks compiled by David himself to celebrate the launch of Iman’s new book. It is available to the public only as part of this special BowieNet offer.
This promotional CD is a limited edition compilation, unavailable in stores.
The tracklisting is as follows:
1 The Wedding
Written-By – Bowie
2 Wild Is The Wind
Written-By – Tiomkin, Washington
3 Loving The Alien
Written-By – Bowie
4 As The World Falls Down
Written-By – Bowie
5 Abdulmajid
Written-By – Eno, Bowie

David Bowie mural in Brixton, December 2022

Sadly, the council’s policy of swiftly removing all flowers and fan messages means that the David Bowie mural in Brixton has become a lot less interesting. After the Brixton-born superstar di…

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