David Bowie — Conversation Piece (5CD Book)

15 ноября 2019 лейбл Parlophone выпустил очередной бокс-сет Дэвида Боуи «Conversation Piece» в несколько непривычном формате: это художественная книга большого размера, в которую вложены 5 CD.

Первый диск содержит «домашние» демо-версии песен Боуи, записанные в разное время в 1967-69. Среди них треки, официальный релиз которых состоялся ранее в этом году на виниловых бокс-сетах Spying Through A Keyhole — 7″ vinyl singles box set (2019) и Clareville Grove Demos — 7″ vinyl singles box set (2019).

Кроме того, в этом бокс-сете вы найдете 12 новых треков, которые выпускаются впервые (в списке ниже они отмечены *).

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David Bowie • Space Oddity (2019 Tony Visconti Full Length Mix) • 1969

Новое «мурашечное» видео от Начо!

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The Stooges — The Stooges (1969, Full Album) [2019 Remaster]

Iggy Pop – Vocals, Ron Asheton – Guitar, Scott Asheton – Drums, Dave Alexander – Bass

Track Listing: 1. 1969 0:00 2. I Wanna Be Your Dog 4:08 3. We Will Fall 7:20 4. No Fun 17:39 5. Real Cool Time 22:58 6. Ann 25:32 7. Not Right 28:31 8. Little Doll 31:23

You’re listening to the official audio for the full album ‘The Stooges’ (2019 Remaster). The 50th anniversary super deluxe edition of The Stooges’ self-titled debut – a proto-punk landmark – includes outtakes, alternates, and an “I Wanna Be Your Dog” single mono mix, plus a full album alternate mix by John Cale remastered at the corrected speed.

Making Moon: A British Sci-Fi Cult Classic

К 10-летнему юбилею научно-фантастического фильма Данкана Джонса «Луна» вышла книга Саймона Варда «Создание Луны: культовая британская научно-фантастическая классика».

В книгу вошли интервью с ключевыми творцами фильма, графические концепты и фотографии съемочного процесса, а также сокращенный вариант сценария, в котором Натан Паркер вполотил оригинальную идею Данкана Джонса. Это драматическая история о лунном колонисте Сэме Белле, чья трехлетняя одиночная вахта на фабрике по добыче Гелия-3 приближается к концу, по крайней мере, так он думает, пока с ним и вокруг него не начинают происходить странные события…


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David Bowie 1966-67 Studio Outtakes

Presenting three snippets of David Bowie in the studio circa December 1966. You’ll hear an annoyed Bowie halting a take of ‘Please, Mr Gravedigger’ because of a unthinking studio guest, then from 12 seconds in Bowie being instructed in timing for ‘Sell Me A Coat’ followed by an introduction for a take of ‘Silly Boy Blue’. This tape is up for sale at Omega Auctions on November 5th, 2019.

More info at Bowie1966Demo

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Watch Iggy Pop Live — ARTE Concert Festival 2019

Screenshot_2019-10-13 Iggy Pop Live ARTE Concert

In August 2018, Iggy Pop surprised planet rock with the announcement of a new album in the pipeline. Discover the Godfather of Punk’s latest album, ‘Free’, in this live performance at the Gaîté Lyrique Theatre in Paris, part of the ARTE Concert Festival.

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Iggy Pop: «I was out to kill bears right from the beginning…»

For 50 years, Iggy Pop has been the man your mother warned you about. And though, these days, he’s more into exercise than ecstasy, the 72-year-old is still defying expectation with every turn.

Источник: Iggy Pop: «I was out to kill bears right from the beginning…» | Features | DIY

Bowie Unseen @ Tramp, Unveiled By Markus Klinko

Stuart Fawcett went along to the unveiling of 9 previously unseen David Bowie images by Markus Klinko at Tramp members club, London.

Источник: Bowie Unseen @ Tramp, Unveiled By Markus Klinko | ePHOTOzine

PPL & Bowie Estate Dispute

The dispute centres on the refusal of PPL and the David Bowie estate to acknowledge that RF’s contribution to the Heroes and Scary Monsters albums is that of a Featured Player. This accreditation as a Featured Player is supported by Brian Eno, Tony Visconti, David Bowie himself (although the terminology was not then in use), and the Court Of Public Opinion over four decades. Essentially, the DB Estate argues that RF’s Featured Performer Status is not acknowledged by PPL rules; and PPL argues that as the DB Estate does not accept RF as a Featured Performer, RF is therefore not a Featured Player — and their rules confirm this. Anyone read Catch 22? The PPL’s rules and MO perpetuate an historic injustice. Rules are not God-given laws to maintain the universe: they are created by people to organise and facilitate interactions in a fair and equitable fashion; which, in the nature of things, can never be exactly foretold. So, with intelligence and goodwill, where the rules do not allow for what is Right to be acknowledged and addressed, the rules are modified to take exceptional / novel situations into account.

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